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Beam Load Cells Z6 ( Load Cells )
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HBM' s Z6 bending beam load cell is the primary weighing components for industrial scales. In addition to its exceptional accuracy ( accuracy class according to OIML R60) , the Z6 load cell is well suited to withstand even harsh manufacturing environments.

Z6 load cells are available in different Types ( Z6FD1, Z6FC3, Z6FC3MI, Z6FC4, Z6FC6) with different accuracy classes - including C6 accuracy class!

Key Features

Welded on metal bellow
Load cells and mounting aids entirely made from stainless material
Complies with OIML R60 regulations up to 6000d
Six-wire circuit
Optimized for parallel connection with corner-preadjustment
Meets today EMC/ ESD requirements according to EN 45501
Explosion proof version acc. to ATEX95 optional
Nominal load: 5 kg / 10 kg / 20 kg / 50 kg / 100 kg / 200 kg / 500 kg / 1 t
Accuracy class: D1, C3, C4, C6
Approvals: OIML, NTEP, Ex, GOS
Protection class: EMC approved
Material: Stainless steel
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